5 Types of Electric Heaters

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Electric Heaters work by sending electrical energy through a heating element that causes it to warm up. They work through two heating methods – radiant heat or convection. While convection uses the natural law by which hot air rises or is changed by a built-in motorized fan to move the heat around the room, radiant heat heats the object directly and not the air.

There are 5 types of electric heaters – baseboard heaters, wall heaters, toe-kick heaters, portable heaters, and cove heaters.

Baseboard Heaters

Electric baseboard heaters make use of electric heating coils to facilitate non-motorized convection heating. The natural airflow and the rising air are responsible for moving the hot air around the living space. Through convection, cool air enter will enter the bottom slot and will be warmed by the heating fins and coils. Then, warm air will exit from the slots of the device.

Electric baseboard heaters are types of electric heaters placed below the windows in order to counter the heat loss with the help of the glass. They may either be controlled by a wired wall thermostat or come with an integrated thermostat control.    

Wall Heaters

Wall heaters are types of electric heaters that are useful for supplemental heat in small rooms such as bathrooms. Generally, they are buried into the wall between two studs. They are often characterized by a convection style with a motorized fan that pushes the heated air into the room.

Most wall heaters have built-in thermostats, and are not a part of a larger heating system. They should not be installed in exterior walls in order to make the most of its function and to avoid conflict with exterior insulation concerns from the distance between a cold exterior wall and a hot metal.

Toe-Kick Heaters

Toe-kick heaters are very useful in providing heat to small spaces. They are designed for low-profile areas such as under the vanities, desks, and cabinets. Their design allows the use of a motorized fan to distribute the heated air. In addition, they are usually built with a thermostat. To make the most of these types of electric heaters, they should be used as a supplemental heat source.

Portable Heaters

Portable electric heaters are more expensive than other types. However, they are also cleaner and safer to warm the house. They come in two styles – radiant-heat heater or stand-alone convection and radiator unit. Both styles have tip-over safety switches that automatically stop the heater if the unit is empty.

Cove Heaters

Cove heaters use radiant heat to warm a space by heating objects rather than the air. Radiant heat allows the panel to be placed anywhere, making them an excellent choice for heating.

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