Storage Heater Repair Prices

Our services are the best in the area for efficiency and professionalism. We’re qualified and experienced, and we’re the right people for the job.

Of course, we understand that a professional service is nothing without value for money. You don’t want to pay a fortune for good service – you want a service that also suits your budget.

Our Rate Types for Storage Heater Repair in London

Domestic Storage Heaters Repair
Repairs from £75 +VAT
Commercial Storage Heaters Repair
Repairs from £95/hr +VAT

For other rates please see Immersion Heater Repairs and Storage Heater Removal.

New Heater Installation

Storage Heater 0.85kW
Starting at £150 +VAT
Delivery & Installation: £130 +VAT
Storage Heater 1.7kW
Starting at £200 +VAT
Delivery & Installation: £130 +VAT
Storage Heater 2.55kW
Starting at £275 +VAT
Delivery & Installation: £130 +VAT
Storage Heater 3.4kW
Starting at £340 +VAT
Delivery & Installation: £130 +VAT

Note: Prices are subject to, Congestion Charge fees and Parking on site.

Heater repair quotes

Our set prices show you how affordable we are, and we welcome you to call us for a personalised quote. Contact us for prices for other types of heaters, or give us a call to talk about your specific needs.

Ask for a personalised quote

How to contact us

If you don’t receive an answer immediately, we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as we can. Please contact the heater repair team and leave your full name and location, as well as a contact telephone number and details of your enquiry. If you’re e-mailing, you’re also welcome to send photographs of your heaters and their position to provide more detail for your enquiry.