Your storage heater is not working – we can repair it

Posted on by allan

The summer is gone, autumn started and we already feel the weather getting colder especially in the night. We get more and more calls from people that find out their storage heaters or panel heaters aren’t working when they turn them on to increase the comfort in their home or office space. Don’t wait that long, check if your storage heater is working before you really need them. If your heater is not providing the much needed heat give us a call, we can fix your heater today.

We are experienced and qualified in performing full storage heater maintenance. Even if you have an old model that has been discontinued and everyone else tells you it cannot be fixed give us a call, we might have the parts you need and we’ll have your storage heater up and running in no time and much cheaper than buying a new one.

Wether you have a large storage heater with or without convector, a medium size one or a small one, panel heaters, wall mounted heaters and fan-assisted heaters,¬†from a well known brand as Dimplex, Creda or Unidare or is a less known make don’t stress out, give us a call, we might ask you the type of storage heater you have just so we can have an idea about what we’ll be dealing with and we’ll plan our visit at a time that would fit your schedule. We’ll have your place warm again so you won’t have to worry about the coming winter.

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