Electric Water Heater Repair: Troubleshooting and Repair

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Most electric water heaters look the same as their gas-fueled cousins. In an electric water heater, water is heated using an upper and lower heating element in contrast to that of a gas burner which uses a gas water heater.

For comparison’s sake, a gas water heater is like a gas furnace as to the electric water heater is like an electric oven. However, when it comes to reliability, electric water heaters definitely have the edge. Furthermore, electric water heater repair is relatively easier to do.

Troubleshooting electric water heaters involve particular signs and potential causes. Most of the corresponding electric water heater repairs specifically for the type of problem would need professional intervention, therefore we strongly advice that you do not attempt any kind of electric water heater repair listed below in concern for your safety:

No hot water. Possibly caused by a lack of power to the heating elements which  may be a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse, a faulty electric thermostat, or a faulty upper electric heating element. Possible repairs include the reset of tripped circuit breaker or replacement of the blown fuse, replacement of upper heating element, or replacement of the thermostat or the heating element.

Water leaks. Possibly caused by a faulty (due to overheat, overpressure or stuck) temperature and pressure relief valve, leak from a nearby plumbing connection, or a leaking water tank. Possible repairs include replacement of the temperature and pressure relief valve, tightening of the temperature and pressure valve threaded connection (but never over-tighten) with an adjustable wrench, or tightening the heating element mounting bolts (also never to over-tighten).

Rotten egg odor. Possibly caused by bacteria in the tank sediment. These bacteria are fed by hydrogen gas which was created from the probable decay of the sacrificial anode. Possible repairs include using a hydrogen peroxide solution, replacement of the anode with a zinc-alloy anode, or replacement of the water heater with a plastic lined tank type.

Rust colored water. Possibly caused by corrosion occurring within the glass lined tank or the failing of the sacrificial anode rod. Possibly repairs include the replacement of the sacrificial anode rod with a magnesium anode rod.

These are only some of the problems observed in situations needing electric water heater repair. We at Storage Heater Repair are concerned for your safety and would offer to help you out with these concerns at a reasonable and affordable price in exchange for the excellent services that our team is guaranteed to provide you with.

Why put yourself in excruciating effort and considerable risk when you can always depend on the professional who does not only offer the most professional services you can find but also charges at a price affordable for your budget? At Storage Heater Repair, we are happy to serve!

You can simply visit our website to learn more about our electric water heater repair services.

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