The immersion heaters

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The electric water heater element known as immersion heater used for unvented system can be really an tricky job.

This is why we are specialised on changing elements from 1.2Kw, going to the middle class 3.3Kw and up to 8Kw elements. The dimension of hose elements it varies and they are not easy to be found on the local electrical suppliers.

Another symptom: Hot water is not getting to the right temperature or maybe is continually “On” AND you are just throwing money out the window and damage the environment.

Storage Heater Repair can now install electronic timers rated to 20Amps, to control your water temperature, easily to manoeuvre and modern looking.

These timers can also control your off pick supply heating or all the economy 7 storage heaters.

Fore more information or if you need a electric heater repair, please contact over office in London onĀ 020 8728 9179 or visit our website and we will be happy to assist you.

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