How to Perform Storage Heater Repair

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A storage heater is a cost-saving appliance that consumes cheaper off-peak electricity to heat an insulated metal element. It releases heat during the day without using expensive peak electricity, keeping an office or home warm. Thus, when your storage heater is broken, you need to perform storage heater repair in order to save energy. It will also help you determine and fix the cause of the problem without returning it to the manufacturer. Three of the most common causes of storage heater problems are electrical supply, location of the appliance, and control panel settings.

What are the problems with storage heaters?


The most common cause of storage heater repair is higher-than-expected bills due to incorrect programming. In order to store energy effectively, the device needs to be wired to a cheaper and overnight fee structure in contrast with a 24-hour peak electricity supply.


A common cause of unstable temperatures is faulty element or thermostat. Overtime, the thermostat becomes less reliable and needs replacement. However, if your unit has only been installed or is new, it may be too small for your room.

How do you conduct a storage heater repair?

First, you need to examine the controls and make sure that they are set correctly. Also make sure that the control dial is in a position to provide adequate heating. If the selector switch is fitted, turn it to Manual or Auto position to make sure that the heater is turned on.

Second, confirm that the timer of the heater is configured correctly if the heater is not turning on at the right time of the day. There are storage heaters that use a dial-based timer where plastic Start and Stop wedges were inserted. In order to use accurate timer instructions, check the instruction manual of your storage heater.

Third, make sure that the converter switches and the wall plug are turned on. Some storage heaters receive power from a switch box. Make sure that all switch boxes that are connected to your storage heater are turned on.

The last step in your storage heater repair is considering the environment of your heater. Remember to avoid using heater with your windows open or furniture blocking the heater. Always keep your things at least 12 inches away from the air outlet grid. Also, never cover the heater with wet clothes or other upholstery as it causes the heat to build inside, resulting to the malfunction of the appliance. Moreover, provide 4 inches space around the heater.

On the other hand, if you have little or no knowledge about storage heater repair, it is best to employ the services of the experts.

Are you having problems with your storage heater? Feel free to contact us and we’ll find a way to fix it.

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  1. ben

    Dear Sir,
    Is there a possibility to replace my small storage heater in the bedroom. I also have 2 large storage heater in my dinning room.
    My plan was to switch the heater storages location where, the large storage heater goes into the bedroom and the small ones into the dining area.

    In terms of the electrical connections, I am needing to use long wires in order to relocate the heaters would there be a problem with this as there is an already existing connection.

    • admin

      Hi Ben,

      Please contact us to discuss more with a specialist storage heaters engineer, at no obligation.

      Have an excellent day!


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