How to Conduct a Storage Heater Replacement

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Electrical storage heaters can help you save money when they are functional. However, occasionally they also break down. When they do, it can be very difficult to find storage heater parts. You may even think of getting a storage heater replacement. In order to replace your storage heater, you need to gather the following materials:

  • Screwdrivers that suits your unit’s fasteners
  • Dust mask
  • Gloves
  • Bin liners
  • Newspaper to cover the floor

How do you conduct a storage heater replacement?

1. Start by disconnecting the power supply as you would when dealing with any electrical appliance. Depending on the type of storage heater you have, turn off you unit, disconnect the supply cord, and remove the fuse from the fuse box. Also, cover the floor before you open your heater since the process of removing it can be messy.

2. Wear your dust mask and gloves, and remove the top or front panel of your storage heater by unfastening your unit with the screwdrivers. You will find a sheet of fibreglass or any insulating material inside the panel. Remove it, but be careful not to get contact with your skin. Then, place it in a bin bag.

NOTE: In older models, the insulation material is asbestos. If you are not sure of the insulation material in your storage heater, leave it and call a professional to perform your storage heater replacement since asbestos dust are carcinogenic.

3. Remove the heat storage material in your electric heater. The material may be heavy bricks or a granular substance that can be messy when spilled out. Dispose the material as necessary. Once it is removed, you can carry the storage heater easily.

4. Remove the unit that needs storage heater replacement from the wall and carry it outside. Sometimes, electric heaters can be quite heavy so you may need some assistance. Once the heater is outside, call your council to pick it up. Aside from the fact that they often do not charge for the service, it also saves you from ruining your car.

5. Clean the area and remove any mess from the heater. Consider replacing it with an economically and ecologically storage heater replacement. While the initial instalment can be expensive, you will experience a much more comfortable environment, with no asthma or allergy concerns.

If you need quality services, Storage Heater Repair offers professional repair in London. You may not need to purchase a new heater after all. Instead, just send your storage heater which can be far more affordable. Recycle your storage heater with Storage Heater Repair. Start saving and enjoy heating!

Yes, you can try to do the work yourself but there are dangers and risks replacing or repairing your storage heaters. However, you can check out our website and feel free to go through our services pages.

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