Electric water heaters useful tips

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A number of homeowners have found themselves dealing with water heater problems at some point. It may be trickling water when you are taking a shower or running out of water while you are washing dirt dinner dishes. These problems are common with electric water heaters. So, when do you know you water heater needs a repair?

1. Sediment Build Up. You know you need to call an electrician to repair your water heater when sediments start to build up in the tank. Once this happens, your water heater can stop working or can stop producing hot water fast enough.   

2. Dip Tube. If the dip tube breaks, your incoming water can drip into your warmed water. You may also run low on hot water. You would not want to have a cold shower, would you?

3. Hot Water Running Low. One of the causes of electric water heaters not heating the water is a broken thermostat. It could also be due to a heating element that has quit working.

4. Milky Water. Milky water may be caused by a low pressure. The low pressure does not allow the oxygen and gasses to dissolve properly, producing hot whitish water. To fix this problem, allow the water to stand and let the pressure build up again. The water should be clean after that.

5. Pipe Problems. When you feel your water is hammering, the problem could be on the pipes that rattle from the valve, which shuts off too quickly. This produces a shock-wave effect that causes the problem. If the pipes are sagging, you may need to strengthen them with extra support.

6. Thermal Expansion. Another reason why you should get your electric water heaters repaired is thermal expansion. Thermal expansion occurs when the pressure in the heater builds up. This could lead to a more serious problem since the pressure has to go somewhere. If the temperature pressure valve is not working probably, thermal expansion can happen.

Now that you know the common problems, how do you know if your electric water heaters are working properly? First, test for hot water. If the water does not begin to warm up in a minute, the water heater may not be working. Second, check the pilot light to see if they are burning beneath the water storage tank.

Look around for leaks around the water tank. If you found any, your heater still needs to be repaired even if they are still providing hot water. Then, run the hot water for 30 minutes and see of the water heater produces at least half hour worth of heated water. Lastly, listen for sounds in the water heater and pipes which indicates sediment build up or valve strain.

If you encounter any of these problems, call the electrician immediately. Storage Heater Repairs have skilled electricians that will help you solve your problems and prevent further damage.

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