Behaviours that Leads to a Broken Portable Heaters

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A portable heater can provide warmth and comfort to homeowners. However, it is also the number three cause of fatal home fires. Thus, it is important to be aware of portable heater warnings to protect your family against a deadly situation. Here are a number of behaviours that results to a portable heaters repair. By correcting these misbehaviours, you can lessen the risk of fire.

Wrong Placement of Portable Heaters

One of the things that results to a portable heaters repair is wrong placement. Portable heaters should be placed on a secure and flat surface, such as a hardwood floor. Never place them on rugs and carpets. Also, do not place them on top of furniture as they may fall, break or cause possible fires or shock hazards. Also, do not place them close to other objects like curtains and furniture. More importantly, never cover them with anything.

Portable Heaters and Water

Unless the water heaters are certified as water resistant, do not use them in or around water. Moist areas can cause corrosion. Thus, you should not use the, in bathrooms. Failure to follow this warning can cause damage to the heaters and may result to fires or shock hazards.    

Loose Plugs 

Eventually, outlets will become worn out and the plugs will start to cause overheating. When this happens, a qualified electrician should replace the old outlets. If not corrected, the plug or cord from the heater can become hot and ignite a fire.

Pets and Children

Some portable heaters have exposed coils and a very hot surface that can be accessed by small individuals such as children and pets. If portable heaters repair is not performed, it may cause burns. Thus, you should make sure that children and pets do not have access. Moreover, children should not be able to organize the heating controls.

Extension Cords

Always choose a heavy duty extension cord with your portable heater. Choose a cord with #14 or #12 A WG. You should also check the extension cord for a label of an in independent testing laboratory.

Flammable Liquids

Keep your flammable liquids away from the heater. Since flammable liquids carry vapours that can move from one are to another, they can be ignited by an open flame or electrical spark from the heater and cause fire.

Unattended Portable Heaters

When sleeping or leaving an area even for short periods of time, never leave your heater unattended. The heater can build up dangerous carbon monoxide levels or be knocked over by your pets.

Broken Portable Heaters

Lastly, do not attempt to perform portable heaters repair by yourself. Always take it to a qualified service center such as Storage Heater Repairs. A broken heater can overheat and cause fires or shock hazards.

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